Elaine McCague

Elaine McCague – Aerial performer/ multi-disciplinary artist/ Co-Creative Director and Producer of Loosysmokes and previously PaperDolls Performance Company.

An aerial acrobat, Elaine produces, artistically directs and performs experimental contemporary circus. She specialises in corde lisse, singles and doubles trapeze,  and acrobatics. After several years of success producing the PaperDolls Performance Company, in 2014 Elaine formed one half of the producing team of Loosysmokes. The madness and visual beauty of Loosysmoke’s spectacles first begin in the wanderings of Elaine’s mind.

Euromaidan in Kiev 2014image1

BehindTheDark_Olga Kuzmenko_IC2A6190-2Jonah and Elaine

Euromaidan in Kiev 2014brahm-stoker-poster