Who we are


Elaine McCagueIMG_1754 – Aerial performer/ multi-disciplinary artist/ Co-Creative Director and Producer of Loosysmokes and previously PaperDolls Performance Company.

An aerial acrobat, Elaine produces, artistically directs and performs experimental contemporary circus. She specialises in singles and doubles trapeze, corde lisse and acrobatics. After several years of success producing the PaperDolls Performance Company, in 2014 Elaine formed one half of the producing team of Loosysmokes. The madness and visual beauty of Loosysmoke’s spectacles first begin in the wanderings of Elaine’s mind.

BehindTheDark_Olga Kuzmenko_IC2A6218Jonah McGreevy – Co Creative Director and Producer of Loosysmokes/ Acrobatic Choreographer/ Aerial and Acrobatic performer.
An award winning acrobatic base, trapeze artist, and producer of contemporary circus, Jonah organises, choreographs and performs. The other half of Loosysmokes creative producing team, behind the scenes Jonah’s organisational and technical skills underpin the entire operation.

Creative Contributors

Craig Cox – Musical Creator/ Inventor and Technical Director.
Craig is a sound designer, composer and musician who creates original soundscapes using a mix of site specific sound, recorded instrumentation and vocals. Craig has a broad and unique portfolio of work including both film and performance. He supervises all technical aspects and contributes artistically to the development and presentation of the performance.

Conor McCague – Stunt rigger/ lighting and sound technician/ inventor/ artist
Conor is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of many. Straddling the border between artist and craftsman, Conor is as at home with intricate mechanical sculptures and as large scale rigging projects. His stunt rigging skills underpin the physical side of productions.

Deirdre Griffin – Choreographer/ dancer /acrobat
A serious talent, performing nationally and internationally, with years of training, performance and development of successful work, Deirdre joins Loosysmokes as a choreographer, dancer, acrobat and wall runner.

Hazel McCague – Designer / visual artists/ curator at Lay of the Land
A talented textile designer who specialises in weaving and has a keen interest in textile art, installation and collaborative work. Hazel brings an eye and technical talent to design sets and props large and small.

The woods

Upcoming Performances:

Aug 2017       Raven Eyed (Premiere) at Kilkenny Arts Festival                                                     Sept 2017      Raven Eyed at the Dublin Fringe Festival

Productions to date:

Jun 2017       Body & Soul Festival performances
Oct 2016        Behind the Dark at Bram Stoker Festival
Aug 2016       Behind the Dark at Kilkenny Arts Festival
Aug 2016       Roustabout at Doneraile Court, Cork.
June 2016      Alternativa 2016, Gdansk, performed ‘the Pull’ with Ella deBurca
June 2016      Body & Soul Festival performances
May 2016       Roustabout performed at Drogheda Arts Festival
Sept 2015       Behind the Dark, winner Best ensemble award Dublin Fringe Festival 2015
Aug 2015        Roustabout funded by the Arts Council Circus Project Award 2015
Jun 2015         Body & Soul Festival performances
May/Aug ’15  Genus Quercus performed at Drogheda Arts Festival & Kilkenny Castle.
Dec ’14            Behind the Dark, developed & performed in the woods of Phoenix Park.
Sept ’14           Genus Quercus commissioned by the OPW, World Parks Day, Phoenix Park.
June ’14          Body & Soul Festival: ‘When the Monsters Arrive” woods experiments.








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